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Aura Sensory Light Projector

The Aura Sensory Light Projector is a multi-effects sensory projector that will instantly change the vibe in any room and is perfect for children or adults with sensory processing differences, looking for a great, relaxing experience.

(18 customer reviews)
(18 customer reviews)

Relaxing vibe

Instantly adds a chilled, relaxing vibe to any room or environment

200+ Wheels

200+ relaxing wheel effects to choose from

Calming effect

Aids in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, agitation & insomnia + more

Autism Friendly

Highly effective in calming/ focusing children with Autism

1 Free Wheel

1 x free effect wheel included

Very Silent

Almost silent operation

£159.99 ex.VAT | £191.99 inc.Vat

⚠️ VAT Exemption

Save 20% if you have a disability of charity VAT exemption (price discounted in checkout)

About the Aura Sensory Light Projector

The Aura sensory light projector is a compact and lightweight device that uses specialist lighting effects found in sensory rooms and medical facilities. It has been proven to aid in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, agitation, insomnia, ADHD and is highly effective in calming children with Autism. It is also effective in helping people with frontal lobe damage (dementia/ Alzheimer’s), chronic pain, brain trauma (cerebral palsy), mental health issues (anxiety/ Schizophrenia), seizures (epilepsy) and Down’s Syndrome. This calming sensory light also helps you gain back valuable time as its soothing effects will help relax your child during playtime or as they are put to bed and will help calm agitated adults with the above listed symptoms.

Who is the Aura Sensory Light Projector for?

The Aura sensory light projector is best for anyone with sensory processing differences as it offers smooth and relaxing images that help them calm, focus, or fall asleep easier. While the Aura sensory light projector is the perfect sensory light for autism, many of our customers use their projectors for creating relaxing vibes in shops, cafes, bars, or wellbeing activities such as meditation and yoga class. Many people today want to create small, sensory rooms, whether for a child or an adult, within their home space and the Aura sensory light projector enables you to do just that!

Why choose the Aura Sensory Light Projector

What are its advantages and why is it in a league of its own when compared to other home light projectors?

Firstly, we are a UK company and all of our developing & manufacturing happen right here in the UK! We provide jobs & expertise for many families in need. NO parts are imported!
Secondly, we do not cut corners with materials – our projectors are made from solid ABS plastic & have a metal, steel shell. We use a full precision glass professional lens system, not plastic in our lenses. Our wheels are 6″ (as opposed to 4″) which allows for better flow and pattern variability. Our wheels have 2 channels & max 4 colours (compare to 1 channel & 2 colours as are most other on the market). This allows for a huge number of colour combinations when they crossover. Our projectors have integrated LED which lasts 10 years, compared to LED bulbs which need constantly replacing. Our projector can be rotated 360° to hit any floor/ wall/ ceiling.
Finally, the Aura projector comes with a timer, dimmer & an App for smartphones and runs on wifi.

Sensory Lights How they can really help

Sensory lights are an essential part of any sensory room. They help stimulate activity in the brain and promote relaxation. The Aura Sensory Light Projector is a great option for those with Autism who are hypersensitive to light. Different colors signify different moods. For instance, white represents purity and innocence and is used to portray calm and peacefulness. Blue is soothing and encourages both relaxation and play when objects have blue light shone on them. Green connects us to nature and is refreshing and cool, encouraging play and exploration together with relaxation and calm. Yellow is warm, bringing energy to the room. Red is hot and can be used to stimulate and excite. Purple is cool and calming to the nervous system. Orange is warm and joyful and connects to our emotional self.

What is the warranty?

When you purchase your OPTI Aura led projector, you will receive the Aura Sensory Light Projector, external power supply, one effect wheel and a table stand. You will also find a manual that will help you use it although it is easy to use.
Your OPTI Aura led projector has a one year from the date of purchase from all mechanical, electrical, or assembly defects. You can extend the warranty of your OPTI Aura led projector free of charge to three years by registering your purchase.

Need help? Here are the manuals

Aura Projector Manual 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 Pre July 2022 Post July 2022

Name of Projector [Opti] Aura LED
Light Source 6W LED
Brightness (Lumens) 600
Lens Focus Manual
Lens Size** 85mm
Compatibility with [Opti]Kinetics Lighting Effects 6″ Wheels Only
Protection Rating IP 30
Recommended Projection Distance 2-4m
Power Supply 5VDC 6W
VAT Exempt Yes
Warranty 3 years
Colour of Projector White
Weight 2kg
Size L23 H22 W23 OD65 CM

18 reviews for Aura Sensory Light Projector

  1. Lucy

    What a Great product. The Aura projector is consistent in performance and quality. Great output, excellent efficacy, dims well and is well built and designed for use at any angle anywhere. It is great for home use and also for me to take to parties to add that extra WOW factor!

  2. Joe

    Our son Jonathan has learning difficulties caused by Angelman Syndrome. One of his biggest problems is Sleep, the Aura projector has helped him relax which is excellent for his whole well being. Suffice to say we are very happy with the purchase.

    Thank you.

  3. Colette

    The Aura projector is suitable for all ages and is adaptable for any occasion. The children particularly like the projector during story time and after bath time.

  4. Matthew

    Impressive Effects I used to have the Mathmos Space Projector years ago which I loved, but got this and it is really amazing, there seems to be loads more colours so the patterns are constantly changing, I watched it for hours and it never looked the same.

  5. Rachel

    I brought the OPTI aura led light for my daughter’s Sensory room. She totally loves it. Helps her to calm down and relax. It’s very compact and can be hung or sat on its stand. I would recommend this product to anyone. Very professional and helpful company. 5 out of 5 stars for the lamp and the service.

  6. Danielle

    Elliots second night using the OPTI Aura projector. He is so calm at night and helps him settle so much faster. Last night he was asleep by 9.07 tonight 9.21. Anyone who knows us knows this is a super early time even with his meds. He is a nightmare to get settled. He loves it makes him happy.

  7. Michelle

    Very happy with my purchase and very fast delivery.

  8. Kerri

    Whilst I’ve not yet used the app to control it, this is a great bonus! The only downside is that because of the different layers, sometimes you end up with some quite unattractive sludgy colours which aren’t so appealing. Bought for my daughter with severe learning and developmental delays and immobility, whilst she can’t tell me it’s clear she absolutely loves it, and my other daughter is constantly asking for it on!

  9. Dave

    I purchased the Opti Aura for my father who has frontal lobe brain damage. My father could be quite an angry and unhappy man as a result of his brain damage, but since using the Opti Aura my father has become a very calm and relaxed person.

    I am very happy with the results as it has made my father completely change as a person.

  10. Emily

    I bought this for my son’s birthday recently and we love it. It’s nice and bright and the oil wheel is mesmerising!

  11. Zoe

    Connor has autism, epilepsy, VI, and global development delay. His projector is his favourite thing and he is able to change the effects himself. The Aura is a great product for the home. Its small design fits well within the house and its lightweight so it can be easily transported into different rooms. We take the projector with us if we ever travel. I would definitely recommend [Opti] Kinetics products

  12. Becky

    My children really love the Aura. It is simple to use and is perfect for playtime.

  13. Michelle

    The Aura projector is easy to use and is very effective in calming a child with Autism. Previously Jacob was up and down saying he couldn’t sleep and ‘his brain wouldn’t switch off’ now he asks for the Aura to be put on when he goes to bed. I would definitely recommend the product to friends who have children with Autism.

  14. Michele

    We have a lot of lighting products, but we haven’t used our Mathmos projector since acquiring the Aura. The Aura is great and Kiera loves looking at the colourful bright effect

  15. Hazel

    The Aura is an incredibly useful and affordable tool to use with children and adults with learning, social and visual difficulties. I use the projector for developing my daughter’s eyesight. She is registered blind. It is ideal for stretching her vision. The projector is easy to use to create a calm atmosphere very quickly. The added bonus is that it does this in your own home.

  16. Colette

    The Aura is suitable for all ages and is adaptable for any occasion. The children particularly like the projector during story time and after bath time.

  17. Mary

    We placed the Aura above Isabella’s crib and she is mesmerised by the effect from the Aura projector. I would definitely recommend the Aura to new mums to help soothe their babies. The Aura can also be easily moved to the sitting room so the adults can relax and enjoy the effect too!

  18. Marina

    We recently purchased the Aura for our daughters’ sensory bedroom. We
    wanted to really create a space which was very chilled out and would put an end to their chronic insomnia.

    We decided to use different kinds of lighting, like lava lamps too and as years ago I had a Mathmos projector to relax with, we were in the market for similar.

    After doing some research, we heard that the Aura had much better reviews than the current Mathmos projector and decided to opt for it rather than the Mathmos. I’m so glad we did! The girls are absolutely enchanted with it and the colours are so much more vibrant and better flowing than any of the wheels I had with my own old projector.

    Now my girls have the Aura projector on every night and they cannot wait to go to bed!

    There is also a great selection of wheels available with this product and we hope to get more for their upcoming birthdays.

    Thanks for a great projector!

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Additional effect wheels can be purchased on our website here.

One effect wheel will be provided when you purchase your OPTI Aura led projector.

You can select the effect wheel when making your purchase online.

Additional effect wheels can be purchased on our website here.

No. The Aura projector is completely silent which is why it is ideal for bedrooms.

What's included with the Aura Sensory Light Projector?

What are the Wheel Effects?

We provide over 200 different wheel effects for the Aura sensory light projector, each with a soothing liquid or print effect.
The effect wheels for your Opti Aura projector can be easily interchanged to provide the effect or mood you require.
Here are a few examples of the Aura sensory light projector wheel effects, or click to see our full website range.

* If you do not find suitable wheels/ wheels to your liking on our website, please use the “contact us” option and we will reply promptly with further possibilities.

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