George Carmel
George CarmelOwner of Flaghouse and Rompa
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“[Opti] Kinetics always delivers safe, reliable, top-quality products, and we can always count on them for the service we need. We cannot take chances when supplying our customers and their clientele with special needs”.
Jenny Cameron
Jenny CameronBuyer for The Glow Company
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“I have found [Opti] Kinetics to be very easy to deal with, always able to offer technical information in a non patronising way, when I or one of my customers haven’t understood something about the product. I have had near immediate responses to email correspondence and they have resolved any problems efficiently and effectively…although there haven’t been many anyway!”
Linda Messbauer
Linda MessbauerM.A., OTR/L.
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“The Solar 250 Projector is one of the most powerful tools for facilitating change in a Multi-Sensory Room. It is the crown jewel in the multi-sensory environment, whether on a mobile unit, or in a dedicated space”
Turid Hovland
Turid HovlandOccupational Therapist, Amajo as, Norway
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We have worked with [Opti] Kinetics for many years to provide excellent and flexible solutions for multisensory environments. We are very pleased with Optaikinetics development products and the product range, making it easy to develop exciting arenas for sensory stimulation. We very much appreciate Optikinetics willingness to meet our different needs in such a way that we can satisfy our customers by supplying creative solutions. We run many courses throughout the year dealing with the use of multisensory environment, and because of the flexibility in use projection has become an important part of the sensory stimulation content.
Mike Olivier
Mike OlivierOwner of Middlesex Sound & Lighting
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I have been involved with [Opti] Kinetics for the last 25+ years, during which time their products have really stood the test of time. It’s great to see that even now they continue to redesign and invent new products which are suitable for the majority of markets.
Wioletta Całczyńska
Wioletta CałczyńskaLTT Poland
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We’ve been partners since 2007. [Opti] Kinetics is a company that cares about its clients. We don’t need support when everything is OK – we need it when something goes wrong. Thanks to Optikinetics we never felt left alone with the problems that appeared. If you need a reliable and flexible partner – Optikinetics is the right choice.
Vanessa Ford
Vanessa FordDirector Total Sensory
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“We have worked with [Opti] Kinetics for many years now; the team have always been helpful and prompt, which aid’s us in delivering a speedy customer service and overall great experience with our customers. An excellent trade supplier, whom I have no hesitation in recommending.”
Salvador Sancha
Salvador SanchaCTO Eneso Tecnología de Adaptación
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“We create interactive environments for sensory stimulation, and [Opti] Kinetics’ range of projectors are an excellent resource to create engaging and dynamic visual effects in any room. All our customers love their Aura, and so do we!”
Lorna McNeil
Lorna McNeilArtist
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“I have always found [OPTI] Kinetics a really helpful company to work with. I have used their projectors and effects in an installation I created to produce wonderful effects. I have also used their wheels in workshops with young people with learning difficulties very successfully. The young people love the effects, enjoyed making music to the colourful projections and moving to this. It also helped to inspire them to make other artwork. I highly recommend their unusual and imaginative products”
Oliver Pearson
Oliver PearsonHelgi's bar owner
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Fantastic products that really enhance our bar, Helgi's! As our space and the events we host are more on the psychedelic side, Optikinetics projectors and effects wheels were exactly what we needed to take things to the next dimension, creating the perfect multi-sensory vibe. The cassettes are fantastic too. We love the Solar 250 and Aura and so do our customers!
Matt Manson
Matt MansonArtist, Surface Pattern Designer
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Love Optikinetics products, I have the Solar 100 LED set up in my living room, its the perfect tool to set up evening of relaxing away from the Tv and listing to some good music.