Rotator Cards

A rotator card is needed to project an effect using an OPTI Kinetics projector. A rotator card is a holder where the effect sits.

Different rotator cards must be used for OPTI Kinetics 50mm cassettes and effect wheels.

Each wheel rotator is available for push-on/screw-fix wheels and magnetic wheels.
The new [OPTI] Kinetics 6 inch Active Gate Wheel Rotators are available in 1/2 RPM and Variable Speed and are used to rotate [OPTI] Kinetics 6 inch Effect Wheels to produce a constantly moving image.

The [OPTI] Kinetics Dual Variable Speed Wheel Rotator (FG6370AG) is used with [OPTI] Max 9 inch Effect Wheels 6 inch Effect Wheels.

Please note that rotators manufactured pre-2017 will not work with the new style of OPTI Kinetics manufactured since January 2017. To use a new active gate rotator with a pre-2017 OPTI Kinetics projector, simply use a connection cable.

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