Distortion Wheels


Distortion Wheels

Optikinetics effects projectors that have two gates can be used with distortion wheels to create a ‘ripple effect’. There are three types of distortion wheels that customers can choose from to create the exact effect they require. The video demonstrates the differences between the distortion wheels using Optikinetics 6 inch fire effect wheel.

FG7037/1 – No 1 Distortion wheel – this wheel is used for creating the water ‘wobble’ if used together with ‘underwater’ scenes – such as Tropical Fish, Aquarium and Whales 6” or 9” wheels it can also be used together with Flags wheel to make them waving in the wind it also makes Ghosts look as if they are wobbling’ this wheel is also used for creating a ‘wobble’ if used together with a gobo/logo – it will make it look as if the logo is floating on water. The number 1 distortion wheel is used on a 5rpm wheel rotator. This distortion wheel is the most versatile and most useful

FG7037/2 – No 2 Distortion wheel – This can be used together with ‘Fire’ wheel to make it look as if the flames are ‘flickering’. The rotator for the No 2 distortion wheel should be VSD (variable speed and direction) or 5rpm. We also use this wheel together with a No 3 distortion wheel to create ‘Water Effect’ – No3 wheel closest to the body of the projector on a ½ rpm rotator and the No 2 distortion wheel on a 5rpm rotator. You may have to de-focus the lens to make it a realistic water effect. No 2 distortion wheel can also be used together with a ‘Dot’ Cassette or wheel to make it look like ‘sunlight through trees’ – the dot effect closest to the projector body – and the No 2 wheel on a VSD or 5rpm rotator.
There are many other combinations.

FG7037/3 – No 3 Distortion wheel – this wheel is the least useful. It is only used together with a No 2 distortion wheel to create the ‘water effect’.

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