OPTI Kinetics Prisms split and slightly distort the projected image into 2, 3 or 4 segments. OPTI Kinetics Prisms are perfect for use with any OPTI Kinetics Effect and are particularly effective when combined with any OPTI KInetics 6 inch Abstract Wheel creating split, animated effects. These split prism effects are extensively used in special needs, therapy and ‘chill out’ environments as well as being used in light shows.

All OPTI Kinetics Prisms attach to the front focussing lens of the OPTI Kinetics Effects Projector and can be turned to alter the spread of the images. The 2 Facet OPTI Kinetics Panoramic Rotator is a motorised vertical prism that scans repeated images through 360°

OPTI Kinetics Prisms are available for the OPTI Kinetics Solar 100 LED, OPTI Kinetics Solar 250, and OPTI Kinetics Solar Sensory LED Effects Projectors.

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