Top 5 ideas to relax working from home

OPTI has some suggestions on how to relax while working from home

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”

Always remember to relax working from home!

This year has accelerated a huge change in the work environment, making it one of the most impacted areas of our lives. According to ons.gov.uk, in April 2020, 46.6% of employed people carried out some work at home. From those who did some work from home, 86% did due to COVID-19. 57.2% of people living in London did some work from home.

This change brings many new challenges as the number of people working from home grew. Even if working from home was not a new prospect, due to the current global circumstances many adaptations had to be made across households.

As much as some of us are not so happy to go to the office every day and embrace the change, there are some things that are missing in our new work life.

Relax working from home
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Here are some thoughts from OPTI team on what they miss from the office atmosphere

“I miss the interaction with work colleagues and the office banter, especially with the way I say ‘Optikinetics’ apparently 😂😂” – it is true, we find the way she pronounces it lovely!!

“I miss the interaction with everyone, bit having a laugh or more focused conversations about work.”

“Colleague interaction, the ‘Opti atmosphere‘, learning by asking, office discussions and banter”

“I miss talking to the nice colleagues”

How they relax working from home and the benefits they found being creative

“When the weather is good, I like to set up my laptop in the garden and enjoy working amidst the birds chirping in the background. Our windowsills are quite large, so I like to stand up and work on my laptop placed on the windowsill. It has surprisingly really helped my poor posture and back!”

“To relax I tend to chill in the garden or for me play my Xbox as this allows me to focus on something and kick out all day to day for a few hours.”

“Occasionally relax during work by having a pair of headphones in, listening to a lecture, audiobook, documentary etc. When not working, usually it is a case of playing with the kids or stealing a couple of hours while the kids are asleep to read a book, catch a movie, working on the YouTube channel.” 

“I can’t really relax while working at home – too stressful for me while working and keeping an eye and open ears on my boy. So I can only relax once I finish work 🙄 and move onto other tasks”


relax working from home
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Ideas to relax working from home

Create your office space at home helps

Our body gets easily exhausted and confused by constantly multitasking and feeling overworked acting like superhumans. Being able to separate home from work really helped us in setting some priorities and focusing on daily tasks and this is the challenge we are all going through.

It is not recommended to eat or sleep where you work. Of course, there are some perks to being at home as being able to take a nap or a lunch break at home can be better than the work canteen or a random sofa.

All you need is a small or bigger desk (depending on the number of your gadgets and screens), a comfortable chair, some decent light and there you go. You can also add some plants and paintings or anything that will make your small office space pleasant and personal.

Set up a reasonable schedule for your tasks

Having so many distractions around you, even if you set up your working place, might be tempting for unreasonable breaks that distract you from your tasks. Starting the day with a to-do list that you can tick over the day is the best thing you can do to better relax working from home. You can set up the hours and individual timeframes for each activity. This can be done either with a classic pen and paper or an app, this way you will be in control of your working day. 

Do not forget about the so healthy breaks and use them properly

If you listen closely, your body and mind will clearly tell you when a break is needed. Arrange your tasks around some relaxation time which will not only benefit your posture, breathing and food requests, but also your working process. During your relaxation time you can go for a short walk, stretch, spend some time in the garden or simply keep your eyes closed away from screens. Don’t just take a break from work to work on a different task but be aware of the use of having a proper breather with a clear mind.

Stay in touch with your team helps you work better and relax working from home

Of course, you miss your co-workers even if you are the most introverted person in the world and working from home is more of a blessing. Besides the usual working calls, you can have a personal chat, learning something new about them, or simply catch up. This will help in keeping the teambuilding process and making you realise that everyone can be a little challenged by the working from home routine. You might also find some new relaxation techniques while working from home.

Make the best out of your relaxation corner

As you set up your working space and manage to create a schedule focusing on tiny healthy breaks, you can now get even more creative while arranging a relaxation corner. Our recommendation in relaxation is a visual one transporting you into a different world instantly, somewhere where things are going smoothly, while watching some analogue projections anywhere suitable in your home.

The Aura projector is an incredible asset that can create by itself the relaxation corner you deserve to simply unwind from time to time. We have a great selection of discs that work with the projector instantly adding a chilled vibe to any room. You can read more about the Aura projector here (link) Contact us if you want to learn more.

We hope working from home will be more of a solution than a problem for everyone learning to adapt to this new change.

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