The best projector for children. The benefits of having a sensory space at home

A projector for children can help in relaxation when it comes to sensory difficulties

If you are looking for ideas to create a sensory space at home, or even to add a more visual touch to your child’s bedroom, a projector for children can be a great idea.

Not only can it brighten a room, but it can help with relaxation especially for children with autism or sensory-related conditions.

Projector for childrenRelax and explore the projections

Specialty sensory projectors can aid greatly in relaxation due to its visual sensory aspects. The benefits of these lights in relation to mood-changing abilities has been well studied.

The OPTI Aura projector comes with plenty of effect wheels to choose from, allowing for a variety of settings to be chosen. This is important, as everyone is different in their preference for what relaxes them, with different projection effects having different impacts on different people. Our projector personalization allows everyone to enjoy our product.

Great for special sensory needs

If you have or know a child that has sensory-related needs, you know that some products work, and some do not. We know that you will not stop trying to find the best solutions to create a space that is comfortable for that child.

Numerous schools, hospitals, airports and even football clubs now have sensory spaces that can include soothing lights and other products helping create a wonderful space that comes with some magic. These special environments help children to explore the inner and outer world in a comfortable and safe setup.

The OPTI Aura projector uses the same lenses as those used in bigger sensory spaces, as our Solar 250 or Solar Sensory projector. This results in the quality of the image being equal to those in any sensory room.

This room projector works great with people who are hypersensitive and those who have visual sensory needs.

projector for children

A projector for children increases focus and creativity

The projector is designed to spark curiosity for the children, due to its futuristic design and mechanisms, this can focus and keep children busy exploring the possibilities of their new device.

The OPTI Aura provides a huge variety of discs to choose from all whilst being easy to use. We also can provide blank discs and sticker packs, giving children the opportunity to create their own unique projection. From our previous exhibitions showcasing the projector, most children became really interested in creating their own discs from scratch and experimenting to see how their own wheel was projected.

Good night, baby! Let’s project a story

Our sensory room projector can be used as a great creative visual storyteller for babies that enjoy following soothing lights and colours on the wall.  At the time they start to see the world through the newcomer’s eyes, some of the liquid wheel effects might be exactly what you need to create that special room for your loved ones.

Some of the Aura effect wheels display visual stories, therefore depending on your preferences, you can pick from Robots, Princesses, or Superheroes to create a specific and special ambiance in your child’s bedroom and helping to inspire you in not repeating the same old bedtime story every night.

room projector for babies

Not just benefits for children. Everyone needs some meditative time

After a long and busy day, or even as a short break in between some hectic tasks, having a spot in the house where you can go to relax and immerse yourself into some mesmerising lights can be hugely beneficial. Adding therapeutic meditative music and some conscious breathing exercises while following the relaxing projected patterns on the wall can have a relaxing effect on the mind, helping you to keep on going through your busy day.

Just 5 minutes to remind you to focus on yourself and your wellbeing will do the trick in decreasing the stress levels that sometimes can haunt us in our daily lives.

The liquid effect of projections is known to have a calming effect helping you detach, even for a few minutes, from the mundane troubles occupying your time. If you can do that having all your family together and in your own home, even better.

projector for children
An invitation to relax and immerse in the playfulness of light and colours.
Photo Credit: Lorna Carmen McNeill

Spending some time away from all the screens

Why not replace that “relaxing” feeling that browsing social media gives you with a less digital option? When you pick your favourite disk to project in your cosy corner of the room you will not be disturbed by the outside stresses of modern life that creep in on our mobile devices living in your pocket. You might be surprised to realise that you will not be even disturbed by some of your thoughts, providing peace and tranquillity without leaving your front door.

The list can go on for the uses of the OPTI Aura, for instance, you can create a small atmospheric party using the special visual effects that the projector provides. The possibilities are plenty, you just need to relax and follow your imagination.

The OPTI Aura projector for children should be part of every sensory room, as it adds a chill sparkle by using the analogue lights, in this case not being disturbing for the eyes at all. It is extremely easy to use, coming with a mount wall bracket so you can project anywhere you like. There are over 200 effect wheels to choose from. Read more about the projector, order your own or contact us for more details.

For charities, parents, carers, or persons diagnosed with Autism or other sensory differences, there is a VAT relief option that will show up once you order the product.

What does it stop you to create your sensory room at home? Here you can find some sensory room ideas.

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