How to use the OPTI Aura room projector

The OPTI Aura room projector, an ideal home sensory product, with dimmer function and off timer capabilities is here to help you creating or improving your relaxation spot at home.

The Aura pack contains a projector, and an external power supply, one effect wheel, a table stand, and a wall mount, with fixtures and fittings. You will also find a manual that will help you use it although it is easy to use.

Mounting the projector

The projector can be mounted using the provided table stand or wall bracket mount.

The wall mount should be screwed to a wall in a vertical position. The safety cord should be fitted to the projector.

The effect wheels

To insert the effect wheel you need to position the magnetic wheel onto the magnetic adapter on the projector. To remove it, simply lift it off.

The projector can be easily moved while on the table stand, being it able to project anywhere you want in the room. We recommend the ceiling projections, that are really a plus before a good night’s sleep.

room projector for babies

Focus the image

You are almost set but when you look at the projection you feel that you need a pair of glasses? is not you, is just the next step, where you need to focus the image.

To focus the projected effect, twist the slide on the lens forward and backward until your desired focus is achieved.

The [OPTI] Aura projects a moving image of any size, however, it is recommended that the maximum image projected is 4m/13″ in diameter. An image can be projected onto any medium. For best results, use the projector in a dark environment.

aura room projector effects

Turn the projector ON

To turn the projector on simply connect the power supply cable to the inlet socket on the right-hand side of the projector.

The projector will turn on as you power up the projector.

If you leave the projector on standby, the next time you turn the projector on, press the ‘DIM – OFF – TIMER’ button above the inlet socket.

To turn the projector off, press and hold the ‘DIM – OFF

– TIMER’ button until the light turns off.

Dimming the Image

The projector has a bright dimmable light that is perfect in a bedroom.

To dim the image without the app, press and hold down the ‘DIM – OFF

– TIMER’ button until you reach your desired light output level.

Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for liquid wheels to start to work as they contain oil that will show freely once heated. This heat will come from the projector.

Using the Timer

Utilizing the timer is ideal for those who want to automatically turn the projector off after a certain time unsupervised.

Turn on the projector and wait 10 seconds. To start the timer double click the ‘DIM – OFF – TIMER’ button. To indicate the timer starts, the projected light will flicker. The timer automatically sets to 30 minutes, dims down then turns off.

Read more about this in the OPTI Aura’s Opti Aura projector manual.

Warranty details

Optikinetics Ltd guarantees this product for 1 year from the date of purchase from all mechanical, electrical, or assembly defects. Within this 1-year period, any fault will be repaired or remedied free of charge. To extend the warranty free of charge to 3 years, please register your [OPTI] Aura LED Projector by visiting https://optikinetics.co.uk/warranty/

All effect wheels should be stored in a dry, warm environment.

This equipment is for indoor use in moderate climates only.

VAT Exempt

Don’t forget there is a VAT exempt for Charities or people diagnosed with autism or any other learning differences. You just need to complete a small form after you go through the purchasing steps of the Aura projector.

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