The OPTI Aura showcased at the AKO Autism Expo

On Saturday (23rd March) the OPTI team attended the AKO Autism Expo, held at Brunel University in Uxbridge, London. We spent the day remembering that life isn’t always a bed of roses but with care, attention, patience and an open mind we can learn to love and embrace all its colours.

The Anna Kennedy Online charity is dedicated to raising the awareness of autism and by creating this event, the people behind the project want to support and inform as many families and carers as they can.

Our day there was a mix of meeting like-minded people, sharing stories, learning new things about Autism, opening our eyes about the world around us and also discovering businesses and products that are focused to support the cause. We also had the opportunity to present our product, the OPTI Aura projector, to the people visiting the event. We were glad to see that the interest is growing and the relaxation and calming effect that comes with the projector can suit everyone.

We were happy to see that our sticker pack was a success and some of the little visitors came back a few times to create and recreate some lovely wheel designs with the stickers. It’s amazing when you can create something and then literally project the result instantly.

This was the second year at this event with the [OPTI] Aura projector and we love it. We’ll definitely be back next year.

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