Jim Buchanan – Labyrinth of Light

Jim Buchanan, a renowned labyrinth of light artist, recently installed three OPTI GoBoPro+ projectors to create a unique activity space for California’s largest public hospital.


San Francisco manages an increasing number of people with chronic illness. Laguna Honda Hospital has taken a leap ahead in providing its residents with effective coping strategies. A triptych installation of three ‘labyrinths of light’ sits within the large public theatre space. This creates a healing space for the hospital community of residents, families, careers and staff. Studies has shown that mindful walking of these patterns can reduce stress levels, quiet the mind, ground the body and open the heart to positive feelings.


“The design process had to balance numerous challenges – a listed building, a working hospital, complex medical conditions and issues of accessibility. Throughout, Optikinetics were very supportive on technical solutions”. Jim Buchanan


Who is Jim Buchanan and what are the benefits of Labyrinths?

Jim has been creating labyrinthine installations for over twenty-five years. Through walking participation within his artwork he started to explore with light and shadow. Jim concentrated on immersing people in an interplay of light and shadow – both their own and other walkers. Lighting projection allows both a practical solution to extending the function of multi-use spaces within a healthcare setting.


Why use OPTI Kinetics’ Projectors?

The OPTI GoBoPro+ produces a wonderful quality of light, to a degree that extends the potential of my artwork as clinical therapy space. Previously I felt I was working with a projected image. Now it feels like a duet of light and shadow.” Jim Buchanan

To view more information on OPTI Kinetics’ Gobo Projectors click here


Further examples of Jim’s work can be viewed at:





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