Improved Pictorial Effect Wheels

OPTI Kinetics has been manufacturing specialist effect lighting since 1970. Many of the effects we still sell today are original products created in this era.

We understood that it was well overdue to revamp our effect wheels and give them a more modern feel and slowly but surely we will be improving our whole range of pictorial wheels. The feedback we have received from our customers has really helped shape their new designs.

With over 200 effect wheels, this is a huge task so we’ve started with our most popular 6″ pictorial effects wheels.  Click the links below to view short video links of our new designs:

Best Selling Wheels:

Tropical Fish
Seasoned Woods

Due to the popularity of the original designs, we have not changed the layout but enhanced the imagery and the resolution. These new designs immediately supersede the older designs and are available to buy today.

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